Recruitment Management System
Current Scenario
  • Traditionally done in two ways : E -mail & Postal
  • Increasingly Difficult to Manage
  • Sorting and Reading through all these is a pain and so most of the times will remain incomplete
  • Erratic and incomplete candidate data makes it difficult to properly assess the candidate
  • As a result, the best candidates might get overlooked and mediocre candidates get selected
Manage Job Profiles
  • Job profiles correspond to the different posts/roles in your organization
  • An administrator account is provided which can be used to create, edit and delete the different
  • Job profiles that are prevalent in your organization
  • Candidates will initially be presented based on the job profile they are applying for
Manage Interview
  • The software helps in managing interview schedules
  • This is best explained using an example: Suppose a need arises where 3000 candidates are to be interviewed in 4 days, all you will have to do is select the venue and date of the interview and select the number of candidates that will be interviewed each day. The software will automatically send out call-letters to the candidates specifying the date of interview.
The Recruitment Management System
  • Single Interface to automate all aspects of recruitment management
  • Create or edit job profiles, manage candidates, communicate with candidates, manage interviews through a single interface that can be accessed from anywhere
  • The HR can get an overall view of the recruitment process and adjust recruitment policies effortlessly
  • Our clients get a link to the application and just have to publish the link along with their advertisements
Manage Job Publishing
  • After creating job profiles, a single or a set of job vacancies can be published in media based on geographical location.
  • Editing, deleting, republishing and multiple publishing is allowed this section.
  • The software's communication center helps in managing the communication process with candidates
  • Each candidate will have his own mailbox that can be used to directly communicate with the prospective employers
  • You can send and receive communications from the candidates through a user-friendly interface
  • Bulk mails can be sent to candidates based on the specific criteria
  • A copy of these mails is also forwarded to their personal mailbox.
Manage Candidates
  • On visiting this link, candidates are presented with a user-friendly form which allows them to fill job profile along with uploading their resume.
  • A login account is created with its information sent to candidates email address.
  • Candidates can be short-listed either automatically by the software or by your HR .
  • Candidates are categorized into different sections like: All candidates including short listed, rejected, and received call letters.
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