Exclusive Community Portal
  • ExComm or otherwise called as Exclusive Community is an social / Business Networking web based application which is designed and developed for communities, business groups, clubs and other related networking organizations where privacy is given the highest priority. Everyone in the community can enroll themselves as a member, interact each other, share information and do business networking.
  • Normally Facebook,Orkut and other related social networking site will allow you to do some what similar activities ,And when you do with unknown people there is high risk factor involved., So you may or may not end up in trouble. But when you do the similar activities with known people you always feel secure and comfortable. That is why privacy is very important when you deal with internet activities. Most of the Networking sites may deal with global activities but they fail in performing local activities
  • Membership: Every one in the community can enroll as a Member. Once the membership registration is done then account will not be activated. This is done to prevent unauthorized persons to enter the website. The Admin of the site is given the access to check the whether the member is genuine and activate the membership.
  • Friends: The first thing everyone does when they become a member in a group is to find their friends. Here we can search and find friends who have become members and add them to your friends list. Once you add them to your friends list they will receive a notification for accepting or rejecting the friendship invitation. A friendly message can also be added to the notification if needed.
  • Messages: Every member can send and receive messages to and from their friends who are there in the friends list. Sending messages to individual members and multiple members is allowed in this website.
  • Photo Gallery: Photo Gallery is an essential for a networking site. Here members can create their own photo galleries and add photographs. Titling of the photos is also possible for others to identify the content and subject related to the photograph. Apart from the photo Gallery members can create their own Avatars by uploading their avatar photos to the site. Photo Gallery can be managed by them by adding more photos, deleting existing photos and editing the titles.
  • Events: Members can create events and invites members for the events. Once the invitation is received the receiver can either confirm or reject the invitation. Event gallery is also created similar to photo Gallery.
Other Business / Social Networking Applications
  • Address Book: Create your own address book and store any number of addresses of your choice.
  • Reminder services: Will get reminder emails for the occasions you wanted to remind of.
  • Blog: Share your ideas and views through your own blog.
  • Tourism related activities: Members can enquire and book tour packages, house boats, rent-a-car , home stay and other tourism related activities .
  • Gift Center: Send gifts to anyone of your own choice.
  • Real Estate : Post your property details or requirement and get responses from members.
  • Matrimonial services: Post your matrimonial details for others in the community to respond.
  • Q & A: Can ask questions and get related answers from other expert members in the group.
  • Article Submission: Submit informative articles for the benefit of other members.
  • Forum: Forum for discussing various topics related to community.
  • My Market Place: Create your own Market place and sell what ever products you have to others.
  • Customized applications: Based on the requirement we can create any type of applications.
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