Customer Activity Management System

Customer Activity Management System (C-AMS) provides a single interface to automate all aspects of Sales/Service calls starting from initiation to fulfillment

Activity Initiation

  • A service or a sales call is initiated by adding a new customer or by choosing from the list of existing Customers
  • Create or edit logs, manage progress of leads and communicate with customers through a single interface that can be accessed from anywhere and helps maintain Customer satisfaction
  • The Managers can get an overall view of the Customer Requirement fulfillment process and adjust priorities effortlessly
  • Our Clients can add a link to their own website easily.
User Interaction and other features
  • All users are provided with different User Id based on their Email address
  • Different users can be given access to their own Sales/Service log
  • Users are presented with a user-friendly form which allows them to enter call details quickly
  • Multiple comments can be added to each log
  • A separate administrator account is provided that can be used to manage inconsistencies in log entries effectively
  • Each log can be re-assigned to a different department or to a different User for further work and record progress and hence the entire work flow can be traced very easily
  • Estimate and Actual hours or Amount to complete can be tracked from the beginning to the end
  •  Approval, Rework and Close Out of each log can be performed depending on the underlying conditions and the satisfactory completion of processes
  • Advanced Search function gives the User ability to filter entries by customer, status, date and other relevant information.
Admin features
  • Client can customize locations, departments, categories and other variables for their own needs
  • Log Status can be defined based on Business requirements of each Client
  • Additional Users can be added easily and can be de-activated if needed
  • User Privileges can be given to the user for Admin purposes
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